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Authoritative Report: Prediction of Supply and Demand Situation in the Flat Die Industry

Aug. 29, 2023

Authoritative report: Prediction and summary of supply and demand situation in the flat die industry (land), geothermal furnaces, geothermal furnaces, geothermal furnaces, and geothermal furnaces.

flat die

Suggestion: The material machine of the geothermal mechanism furnace can be divided into ring mold and flat mold; According to the characteristics of certain raw materials and fresh ingredients, according to a certain amount of breeding and breeding; For straw pellet machines that are prone to illness, there are two types of machines: ring mold and flat mold; For roller shell granulators that are prone to illness, there are conical ring mold granulators; Vertical ring mold granulator with conical shape; The ring mold pellet machine is mainly used for vertical ring mold biomass pellet machines, pellet machines, etc. The company has a professional ring mold granulator, equipped with around SLHY series ring mold granulators; The research and development and production equipment of the ring mold pellet machine are mainly used for pellet feed after granulation; The workmanship and quality of the cooling particle machine are also well adjusted. If the hardness of the particles produced is relatively high, it can also be reactive at present.

The particles have multiple layers of Jingrui observation processing, but our domestic patent, Shandong Jingrui technical team, and domestic technical personnel will provide us with good on-site news and evaluate the quality of our particles.

The speed of rotation of the granulator mold also has a certain impact on the appearance quality and hardness of the particles. Check whether the guide oil of the granulator has already arched, which also has a certain impact on the hardness of the particles. When the granulator pressure roller touches the ring mold, do not immediately loosen it because the machine has already rotated and requires a grinding tool disc. We will immediately adjust the gap between the mold rollers to prevent materials from pressing into the ring mold.

flat die

The pelletizer ring mold and pressure roller are made of special material steel, heat treated, alloy steel, precision chromium carbon steel, and stainless steel forged pelletizer molds. They are processed through circular and vacuum quenching processes, and have a variety of models, different from each other. However, they are the same and can provide excellent compression effects for this ring mold, as well as for this ring mold.

The ring mold is made of block shaped alloy steel through forging, precision processing, pre rolling, precision feed processing, etc. Its quality is guaranteed, and it has the characteristics of compact structure, safety, low noise, and low failure.

The ring mold is made of block shaped alloy steel through forging, fine drilling machine, high strength, high wear resistance, and other processing.

Its working principle: The ring mold is made of a conical shape. Square particles, deep up to W, high-speed, scrap steel, plastic, straw, rice husk, peanut husk, cottonseed husk, and other materials are extruded.

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