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Wholesalers of high production standards for flat dies

Aug. 28, 2023

Wholesalers of high production standard flat dies.

flat die

Under the influence of the social environment, energy conservation, emission reduction, and green development, Gongyi airflow dryer suppliers advocate green development to create innovative agricultural and forestry brands.

In recent years, our concept of energy conservation and environmental protection has gradually changed. First, let's understand the classification of granulator products and the concept of portable storage knives.

The differentiation of feed pellet machines is mainly used for coarse fiber granulation, generally used for small pellet production lines. The ring mold granulator uses deep hole extrusion granulation and diversified granulation of meat quality. According to different models, the differentiation of ring mold granulators can help us understand new energy sources.

The main factors affecting the use of funds for the ring mold granulator include 1. precision feed grinding, 2. precision feed grinding, mixing, granulation, cooling, packaging, and a series of feed processing materials. These feed raw materials need to be crushed before being used as raw materials. Therefore, when producing pellets, we must know that if your company is good, our prices will be very low when producing pellets, Because some feed pellet machines have very low prices, only around 500 yuan, we can customize ring molds. However, these pellet feeds are usually easy to complete. If your family specializes in producing them, we can buy your feed subsidy type for hematuria meat pellets.

The ring mold granulator includes two main types of clamps for mold holes, as well as the pressure roller and the upper part of the ring mold. Usually, the length of the holes in the ring mold and the mold hole varies, and a contact agent or synthesis statement should be established. For details, please refer to the head of the ring mold granulator or the axial vulnerable parts on the lower edge of the pressure roller, which can also be achieved through the evaluation of the mold hole. In addition, the measuring diameter of the ring mold is also relatively large, but once it breaks, it directly affects the production and normal operation of feed particles, resulting in different materials.

The method of pellet feed pressing machine is generally divided into flat mold pellet machine and ring mold pellet machine. The size of the roller volume and structure can also be adjusted according to different materials and the density of pellet feed in the ring mold pellet machine.

The ring mold granulator is suitable for pressing materials that are difficult to bond and form. Such as: rice hull, Sunflower seed hull, peanut hull and other melon shells; Various wood scraps such as branches, tree stems, bark, etc; Various crop straw. Applied in feed factories, fuel factories, fertilizer factories, chemical factories, etc., it is the most ideal compression and densification molding equipment with low investment, fast efficiency, and no risk.

flat die

The pellet feed press has two structures, one is a flat mold pellet machine and the other is a ring mold pellet machine

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