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Analysis of the Overall Development Plan for the ring die Industry

Aug. 27, 2023

The overall development plan analysis of the ring die industry shows that component products have great prospects for the development of efficient production technology, as they enable a high degree of automation, strong material adaptability, and can adapt to market development trends.

Twin screw extruders are developed on the basis of single screw extruders, and their technological innovation and application are widely available for selection. And at all levels in various countries.

The dry granulator was developed on the basis of a single screw extruder. Due to the granulation characteristics of the horizontal granulator, it is one of the most important granulation components of the granulator. The feed with the best particle quality produced from the granulator is very good. However, after scientific and reasonable improvements, the granulation characteristics of the granulator gradually change.

Introduction to Granulator: The ring mold granulator is the core equipment of our company's granulator, which is composed of pre-treatment, granulation, transmission and lubrication systems, granulation molding, and other parts. Below, we will introduce the machine frame, pressure roller, ring mold, and pressure roller.

The ring mold particle machine is composed of a frame, a pressure roller, a feeding port, a transmission system, a pressure roller, a ring mold, an electric heating ring, a discharge port, and other parts. The specific problems will be introduced below.

There are two types of positions for the ring mold particle machine training machine, one is a flat mold particle machine, and the other is a vertical ring mold particle machine. The flat mold granulator is suitable for large particle production lines and can also be used for small particle production lines.

There are tube and machine models for particle machines, so what should be done for particle machines? 1. Adjust the feeding amount and adjust the feeding amount. 2. To ensure the output of the particle machine, it is also possible to have multiple machines and supply a certain amount of materials.

Select the main transmission system of the particle machine, and if necessary, use a dedicated four stage wooden block machine or two stage pressure roller. The main adjustment formula is 1-2mm material, and secondly, the price is cheap.

The granulator has certain requirements for raw materials, but some orders are strict. There were problems with the 1~0 machinery, so we chose the granulator and used machine transmission to improve the power of the granulator itself.

ring die

When producing particles, we need to ensure transaction safety. When encountering non-stop building materials, do not be afraid of customer support. We can purchase in a timely manner and effectively bring you production capacity for belts or particles.

The maintenance method for the particle unit is the dismantling method for the circular mold particle machine. The inspection items for the wood chip particle machine before installation are the main characteristics of the particle unit. How to improve the output of the wood chip particle machine.

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