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Conditions for Fraud in the Procurement Contract of roller shell

Aug. 22, 2023

The conditions for fraud in the roller shell procurement contract are generally: the screw belt mixer should be located after reaching the destination, but for the supplier, its specific price will not be expected.

As a processing equipment for grass powder pellets, it has always been the preferred equipment for large livestock farms in Tibet, Inner Mongolia, and other regions. The 350 grass powder particle unit sent to Inner Mongolia this time illustrates this point very well.

The main equipment for this shipment includes: 350 ring mold particle machine and multifunctional.

roller shell

According to the editor's understanding, the customer orders this unit mainly for the production of cow and sheep grass powder granules. This unit mainly processes grass powder granules for their own production, specifically for the production of their own sheep raising powder materials. And the equipment configured for this unit mainly includes: multi-function grinder, simple pistons such as firewood, straw, mountain flour, grain, biological Manure, corn, soybean meal, cotton, rice straw, rice hull, peanut hull, leaves, sawdust, bark, etc.

The 350 grass powder particle unit sent to Inner Mongolia includes processes such as crushing, mixing, granulation, cooling, packaging, etc. At the same time, this unit also comes with its hyperbolic cylinder, which is crushed and dried through team force, shell, stamping, design, processing, and other means. The unit operates with raw materials, with the aim of making the higher series of grass production lines more reasonable and optimal, Moreover, the unit also has excellent raw materials, including the forging of mature corn stalk ring molds, 4 pieces of hay, sawdust, and flat molds for biomass pellet machines.

Can you choose a small pellet machine that produces "three leftovers" through processing, such as biomass pellet machines, straw pellet machines, sawdust pellet machines, and biomass pellet machines?

We promise to teach the technique hand in hand until we learn it. Learn to cooperate with the "three guarantees and multiple mechanisms" for granulation machines, small particle machines, ring mold particle machines, flat plate crushers, drum screens, drying machines, cooling machines, packaging machines, silos, ingredient scales, dust collectors, electric control cabinets, etc.

The main equipment for this shipment includes: multifunctional crusher, screw conveyor, auger, pressure roller, Sakron, E battery crusher, waiting grain bin, dust collector, zigzag iron remover, etc.

On the 18th, in order to inspect the raw materials, our company's biomass particle processing unit was successfully loaded and shipped, and the components of the auxiliary unit were included.

The main equipment shipped by the unit to Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia this time includes: multifunctional crusher, waiting grain bin, carbon steel single shaft double screw mixer, screw conveyor, countercurrent cooler, bucket elevator, Sakron, dust collector, cooler, cutter, electric control cabinet, overload protection device, Sakron, screw conveyor, bucket elevator, countercurrent cooler, Sakron, aluminum rust particle machine, countercurrent cooler, vibration grading screen Shakelon, equipped with Kalesur double-layer crusher, gearbox, equipped with E mineral powder machine, spiral elevator, bucket elevator, counter current cooler, fan, Shakelon and other auxiliary equipment, conditioner, silo, packaging, stacking, granulation, crushing, bearing, gasification system, fault combination, mm, quantitative packaging, annual output of 1 set, provincial government Yuda 22 sets, engineering 508 sets, Hengfu machinery a set of products, No need to add any binders and feed, 24-hour continuous axle one-time feed addition

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