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Facing Consumer Emotions Directly in the ring die Industry

Aug. 21, 2023

The ring die industry faces consumer emotions directly, with patented technology; We have won patents and gained new technology and service experience, making us an advanced laser cutting machine in China.

The traction cooler conveyor is an internationally advanced equipment used to pass the raw materials for granulation through the high-temperature section of the pressure wheel and ring mold for high-temperature resistance, high-temperature cracking, and other processes. Through screw belts, it can quickly measure the heat effect and eliminate heat exchange, achieving energy refrigeration and industrial production.

Biomass pellet energy - Energy saving fuel - Biomass pellet thermal energy natural material fuel SZLH series Biomass pellet thermal energy SZLH series N series vertical micro crusher.

Composed of motors, transmission shafts, reducers, paddles, countercurrent coolers, bucket elevators, countercurrent coolers, Sakron, etc., vacuum complete production of biomass particle machines can also be achieved through anti heat pumps and microcomputer conveyor belts.

One fish feed production line, double layer, twin screw mixed twin screw pellet machine, animal feed production line feed mixer. The pellet machine can not be crushed according to the different characteristics of the feed, and must be composed of a certain mm or quantitative cotton rod, some spiral centrifugal dehydration devices, and a single screw feed pellet machine that can maximize the feed cooler, usually up to 2 tons.

ring die

One fish feed production line, double layer, plastic pellet machine, can further adjust the overall feed pellet machine production line to improve feed digestibility, and then be processed by a double screw feed pellet machine production line. Suitable feed pellet machine production lines can be selected.

One fish feed production line, a circular screw ring mold granulator, which can be equipped with a water drop crusher and a high-frequency hammer crusher. Two sets of double screw feed granulators can be produced, which can be equipped with two different shredder accessories and can be used for a one-time feed mixer. It can produce a smooth appearance and can also be equipped with a double screw feed granulator without the need for a large plate.

1 fish feed production line, double layer, fish feed mixer, optional with ring mold feed pellet machine, producing two types of mixers, which can be configured according to the model

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