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How to revitalize the roller shell industry

Aug. 20, 2023

How to revitalize the accessory pellet feed machine and its parts in the roller shell industry, and purchase them from raw materials.

Adjust by adjusting the time of the pressure roller and ring mold. In general, if the pressure roller is adjusted properly, it needs to be adjusted in a timely manner to ensure the normal operation of the particle machine.

Under the same opening area, the smoothness ratio of the ring mold hole should be 08-26mm, and the hardness value of the area should be HRC50-65. However, the smoothness value of the ring mold hole should be lower than the ring mold strength, otherwise the forging cost of the ring mold should be less than or equal to.

For a certain range of feed processing, the smoothness value of the ring mold hole should be within 404 millimeters. If under normal circumstances, the smoothness value of the ring mold hole should be between 08-1mm.

The gap between the ring mold and the pressure roller of the ring mold particle machine is kept together to prevent abnormal operation of the ring mold particle machine. Moreover, the pressure roller and pressure roller of the ring mold particle machine should also maintain a good gap, which will affect production.

The ring mold and pressure roller of the ring mold particle machine rotate at a uniform speed, and the working state of each moment is basically equal. If under normal circumstances, this situation is relatively special, and it should be basically the same raw material. Therefore, this situation has always been relatively stable. If it is the ingredient of the ring mold particle machine, there will also be obvious situations. If it is supported by the bearing capacity of alloy elements or the supporting device of parts, There are certain circumstances that can lead to this happening.

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The moisture content of raw materials is relatively high, but once the discharge door is opened, it will be an empty mold transmission production line, and when the discharge door is opened, it will be an empty shaft.

At that time, the ring mold granulator was mainly used to produce biomass fuel particles, mainly using wood chips, sawdust, straw and other raw materials with high crude fiber content as raw materials. After crushing, mixing, drying, screening, granulation, cooling, packaging and other processes, the finished wood chip particles were made. The finished product uses production machinery that crushes poplar, pine, birch, poplar, fruit wood, crop straw, and bamboo chips into sawdust and bran to process biomass fuel.

The ring mold granulator is developed by our company by absorbing the essence of domestic and foreign granulators. It has the advantages of low investment, high output, convenient operation, and maintenance, and is the first domestically developed standardized product carefully developed by our unit.

This product is suitable for materials that are difficult to press and form. Such as: rice hull, Sunflower seed hull, peanut hull and other melon shells; Various wood scraps such as branches, tree stems, bark, etc; Various crop straw; Various chemical raw materials such as rubber, cement, ash, etc. Applied in feed factories, wood processing factories, fuel factories, fertilizer factories, chemical factories, etc., it is the most ideal compression and densification molding equipment with low investment, fast efficiency, and no risk

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