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Where will the plane die industry go out of the comfort zone

Aug. 15, 2023

The key to improving the quality of the ring die is where the plane die industry that has gone out of the comfort zone will go. The key is that when the environmental mold is put into operation, the site should not be burned down in order to obtain the best production and excellent price.

The Leopard Tail Sawdust Granulator adopts a unique design and advanced and reasonable structure, enabling it to achieve the best production quality. It is also an emerging fast chromium type, with superior particle quality, good service life, and high production capacity. It is a promising ideal fuel.

The YGKJ series sawdust pelletizer produced by Shandong Yuguan Machinery is a biomass Pellet fuel molding machine that takes corn straw, cotton straw, soybean straw, rice straw, wheat straw, wood bran, wood flour, sawdust, rice husk, peanut hull, and other agricultural wastes as raw materials. The machine can take agricultural and forestry processing wastes such as sawdust, straw, rice husk, bark and other biomass as raw materials, through pretreatment and processing, Solidified into high-density Pellet fuel, it is an ideal fuel to replace kerosene.

Hubei is a home with fixed wages and high production, mainly based on crop straw and crop straw, forming granular fuel. The birth of this has increased farmers' income and led to rapid development of agriculture and animal husbandry. Therefore, since the new century, through policy promotion, China has continuously emerged large-scale animal husbandry projects such as sawdust and straw pellet machines on the basis of livestock and poultry straw. By the end of this year, China has become the second largest feed producing country in the world, Biomass Pellet fuel can completely replace coal and is an ideal fuel to replace kerosene.

We all know what brand of feed pelletizer is available for grain, oil and feed machinery. Let's learn about the common supporting equipment in our current market, which can be used for electricity, oil, Rapeseed oil, medicine, salt hemp or sand wood. Today, we will talk about the advantages of this kind of machine equipment.

The emergence of pellet machine ring molds in the market is specialized in producing pellet feed. As flat molds are forming machines, extrusion granulation is an important mechanical equipment, and the selection of ring molds also needs to go through various aspects. Let's take a look at how to form good pellet feed. Generally speaking, the most common pellet machines currently use direct methods, and this kind of thing is also quite intuitive, That is, small rollers are used as 1:30 (2), (2) the materials are very loose, or Drink can, (3) or screw parts, (4) are different.

ring die

The advantage of a wood pellet machine: The pressure is greater than that of the ring mold, and the pressure itself needs to be continuously improved, resulting in a component requirement of pressure. However, our pressure is very important, and these pressures are strictly formed. These pressures are carefully forged and prepared for vertical ring mold manufacturers and ring mold manufacturers.

Chengyi Professional has achieved significant molding through mechanical heat treatment and multiple processing processes, greatly extending the service life of core components and reducing economic costs.

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