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Investigation on the current situation and demand of the roller shell industry

Aug. 14, 2023

The current situation and demand survey of the roller shell industry shows that there is a dynamic trend among suppliers of complete equipment for sawdust particle machines.

roller shell

Sawdust granulator is mainly used for crushing eucalyptus, pine, birch, poplar, fruit wood, crop straw, and bamboo shavings into sawdust and bran, and processing them into biomass fuel. The sawdust particle machine effectively solves the shortcomings of difficult to treat biological coarse fibers and poor performance. The main machine adopts belt transmission, the ring mold adopts a quick release clamp type, and the feeding adopts variable frequency speed regulation to ensure uniform feeding. The door cover is equipped with a forced feeder, and international advanced manufacturing technology can be used to customize high-quality molds for various raw materials for your various particle machines, extending the service life of your equipment, improving product quality, and reducing ton consumption costs.

The bearing part of the final particle machine adopts an oil circulation lubrication system and a high-quality gearbox transmission system, making the equipment more sturdy and durable;

The final particle machine is equipped with a fineness analyzer, which can control, monitor, and implement various circuits at will, avoiding waste of labor costs, and greatly improving the production capacity of the saw particle machine, making it stable, efficient, low noise, and low fault performance;

The final particle machine is designed by our company's technical personnel and has a basic understanding of sawdust particle machines. This equipment is mainly used for sawdust, flat molds, and ring molds. Understanding the pressing area of the sawdust particle machine is also important.

This machine adopts reinforced frequency conversion speed control feeding; Forced feeding; Hoop type ring mold; All imported bearings and oil seals are used in the transmission box; External thin oil lubrication cooling medium that integrates cooling, filtering, and oil cut-off alarm; The serpentine spring coupling with large compensation capacity transmits power, etc.

The main engine box is made of cast iron casting. The box is thick, durable, and not deformed; The internal transmission components include the gear shaft and the imported CNC gear hobbing machine for gear hobbing. After high-frequency quenching of the large gear, the imported CNC gear grinding machine grinds the gear. After carburizing and quenching of the gear shaft, the imported CNC gear grinding machine grinds the gear, resulting in excellent meshing accuracy, high transmission efficiency, and minimal energy loss.

The main transmission adopts high-precision gear transmission, and the ring mold adopts a quick release clamp type, which improves the efficiency by about 20% compared to the relative belt transmission type; The transmission part of the entire machine adopts high-quality imported bearings and oil seals to ensure efficient, stable, and low noise transmission; A high-level compensating serpentine spring coupling with novel, compact, safe, and low fault performance; Strengthen the work intensity of the main working parts from the aspects of materials, heat treatment, and other processes.

Our products are usually different from our situation. From the perspective of our raw materials, our products reflect some situations, some are our daily granulation capabilities, and some are our feed production lines.

When everyone is using the feed pellet machine now, its price cannot be underestimated. If we don't know, let's take a look at your feed pellet machine price. You want to purchase your own biomass pellet machine equipment.

When everyone is using the feed pellet machine now, its technology is the best, but not only when you choose the feed pellet machine, it is also the best.

In the future, if you usually use production machines when choosing feed pellet machines, then at this time.

If your feed pellet machine is very good, these feed pellet machines are all free to choose from. If your feed pellet machine is very good, then at this time.

There are many types of feed pellet machines, and you need to supplement them because it can reduce unnecessary trouble. However, our feed pellet machines are not suitable, so we must make sure you avoid detours.

Nowadays, various kinds of consumption of biomass Pellet fuel are greatly reduced, such as fossil fuel biomass pellet manufacturers, biomass pellet machine manufacturers, pigeon feed machinery manufacturers, and so on. Today we will take one example.

The price of biomass Pellet fuel comes from the popular clean energy, which has become the process of the new energy fuel market of biomass Pellet fuel. The market of biomass Pellet fuel is all over the world, and many users are buying this product. If your feed equipment is not very good, then you can roughly understand the price of biomass Pellet fuel, The price of biomass Pellet fuel can find a positioning granulator or nothing without adding.

Users of biomass Pellet fuel: Shandong biomass granules.

With the development of society, the main role of traditional energy is gradually lacking, and traditional energy resources such as oil and natural gas are constantly decreasing. The application of fossil fuels is also gradually consuming more and more gasoline. Currently, biomass energy in China has not occurred, mainly due to changes in the environment and energy companies. Currently, there are many non fuel and natural gas in the Chinese market.

Biomass Pellet fuel is made of corn stalk, wheat straw, rice straw, peanut hull, corncob, cotton stalk, soybean stalk, rice hull, weeds, branches, leaves, sawdust, bark and other solid wastes of crops as raw materials, which are crushed, pressurized, densified and shaped.

With such a variety of Pellet fuel, Sichuan biomass granulator manufacturers have experienced many years of production, installation, processing, maintenance and sales of mechanical equipment, which has continuously boosted the economy. Therefore, the market prospect of this equipment is very good. 1. The emergence of biomass Pellet fuel has driven rapid economic development.

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