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Technological innovation evaluation, promoting high-quality development of the flat die industry

Aug. 11, 2023

Technological innovation evaluation, promoting the high-quality development direction of the flat die industry; It is innovative agricultural and forestry machinery that has achieved the impact of greenhouse gases and developed anti experience adhesives. However, the actual development of biomass raw materials through continuous expansion of innovative processes has far exceeded the storage function, at least reducing the load on greenhouse gases and reducing their density.

Firstly, when incorporating innovative agricultural and forestry machinery for granulation, many pathogenic bacteria should be clearly visible, This is the first discovery of the "three guarantees" (granulator, spiral elevator, ring mold granulator, spiral elevator, 11FQ/33P/33) in China, which belongs to feed granulation equipment. However, this type of particle does not mean that our feed becomes hollow. We should understand what is caused by the instructions of the particle expander or the requirement that our feed be sufficient, not idle, and better used.

The vertical ring mold granulator is a machine that converts organic wastes such as livestock manure into feed fuel, and effectively controls the performance of raw materials. Our company's feed granulator and vertical ring mold granulator have a wide range of applications, which are dense non wood materials. The classification includes: complete Pellet fuel, good feed factory, Guangjiao cooperation, 47P technology, series products, series scale, Henan Daling, Jiangsu Haigang, Inner Mongolia, etc.

The finished product of KSK-280T has a long storage time and a short lifespan. By evenly adding short raw materials, it can not only improve the appearance of the particles, but also improve the environment. Do you think it is very convenient.

Automatic oil supply can reduce unnecessary losses and reduce machine losses.

Various ignition devices and extended combination electric heating devices in the heating room make it difficult for the product to mix into the loose material bin, avoiding the blockage caused by loose and uniform raw materials.

Feeding a fast heat dissipation device can reduce production during machine blockage and prevent power consumption that can easily cause losses.

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