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With the transfer of some orders, the trade volume of ring dies has surged

Aug. 10, 2023

With the transfer of some orders and the surge in trade volume of ring molds, the single screw granulator components can be recycled and laser cut into circular molds, or customized vibration grading screens can be used for convenient selection.

The application of sawdust granulators is diverse, including extrusion type, flat mold granulator, ring mold granulator, rotary drum type, hammer type, spiral type, and other types. In terms of optimizing the utilization of our particle machine resources, our company's equipment production line has been installed and applied.

The drill head is our company's main product. Currently, the common sawdust particle machine equipment in our domestic market is a corn straw particle machine, which is a new technology absorbed by our company from domestic and foreign particle making equipment. Traditional particle machine equipment in rural areas utilizes new technology and is processed through processing.

The biomass pellet machine is a straw pellet machine, a sawdust pellet machine, and a sawdust pellet machine. The main components of the sawdust pellet machine are the bark pellet machine, the sawdust pellet machine, and the sawdust pellet machine.

As agricultural machinery, it is widely used in various regions of China, including our particle machine production line, Henan Fute particle machine peanut shell particle machine, Henan Fute particle machine, etc.

As a production equipment for biomass pellet machines, we provide you with a wide range of production units, including precision feed manufacturing. Our units are designed with various processes.

The unit has a compact structure, reasonable overall layout, and high output. The pellet feed press adopts the GAO20 gauge as the roller differential series pellet machine for feeding, ensuring the normal operation of the feed pellet machine.

Brief Introduction of Sawdust Granulator The sawdust granulator produced by the company absorbs the essence of domestic and foreign granulators. The heart part is a "two-layer mold" with unique assembly structure, and the "pressing wheel" is refined from high alloy wear-resistant materials, with unique design, reasonable structure, energy reduction, long life and other characteristics; It has filled the gap in vertical feeding of national environmental mold granulation and reached the international advanced level. The sawdust granulator is suitable for pressing materials that are difficult to bond and shape, such as rice husks, Sunflower seed shells, peanut shells and other melon shells; Various wood scraps such as branches, trunks, bark, etc; Various crop straw; Various chemical raw materials such as rubber, cement, ash, etc.

Product Introduction: With the rapid development of China's construction industry, there are many waste building templates on the market. Generally, the templates are crushed and used as fuel for biological power plants. However, this method has low profits and consumes a lot of electricity to crush the old templates. Due to the nails on the templates, it is easy to wear the tools, so the market has decided on the technology of building template crushing. Our company's professional production of small flat mold particle machines has been listed in 29 large particle machines across the country, In markets where there are currently no countries.

The construction template crusher is a new type of mechanical equipment that processes raw materials such as sawdust and straw into sawdust in one go. It has the advantages of low investment, low energy consumption, high productivity, good economic benefits, and convenient use and maintenance.

We are many cities in China that have developed high-quality products based on the concept of "high standards, strictness, flatness, and comprehensiveness". Currently, we mainly have large-scale casting machines, modern production lines, complete generator sets, advanced production lines, and advanced configurations.

Empowering cattle feed machinery and equipment, focusing on the market of particle machinery and equipment output, is beneficial for improving the progress of animal husbandry work. It has the advantages of reasonable design, reasonable structure, good energy reduction efficiency, high output, and low energy consumption. Therefore, we must strictly demand high-quality production processes to meet the procurement standards of high-quality products.

We mainly have a professional manufacturer of feed machinery and equipment, which has affected the development of industrial processes in the city.

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