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The most powerful supplier of flat dies

Aug. 04, 2023

The most powerful supplier of flat dies.

● Automatic lubrication Our cutter crusher has high flow strength, and the bearing chamber has a water ring mold surface, with a wide range of flow patterns.

Automatic lubrication of our cutting blades, our blade head, vertical tension mechanism, 10000 ton cutting blade mechanism, 900 cone heads, and installation of an automatic lubrication system, making it more convenient!

Our cutting blades are automatically lubricated, and our cutting heads will not experience this situation. We have a complete set of elastic shock absorbers and new materials for precise verification.

● Automatically lubricate our cutting head. Our cutting head has elasticity and elasticity, and it needs to improve collision with materials. It can also automatically check reports or replace the cutting head, so that it can easily cut off moisture content.

● Automatic lubrication of our cutting head. Our cutting head has various functions such as high, low, length, and coarse speed. Our cutting head has different characteristics and can be used to produce different particles for different types of particle machines. The oil type of these particles can not only be used as particles, but also as a lubrication system to prevent machine failures and low production.

flat die

The all stainless steel plate and strip mixer may not form when pressing particles, so we need a fully automatic spindle and there will be the most improvement when ensuring the amount of powder material added.

The adjustment of the gap between the ring mold and the roller can effectively adjust the matching state of the ring mold and the roller between the same formula and raw materials, making the operation of the ring mold more stable.

The requirements for the ring mold of all stainless steel plates require a relatively thick ring mold formula. However, when processing thick ring molds, especially with thicker, stepped ring molds, in order to ensure the strength of the ring mold and make the ring mold coordinate and operate more safely.

The requirement for all stainless steel plate ring molds is that when each ring mold is first used, no other raw materials should be added to prevent the particle machine from malfunctioning. Otherwise, it may cause mold hole blockage.

What do we always think of when we need a ring mold? But in one way or another, we need to solve these problems in a timely manner. This can not only solve those problems, but also solve problems for drugs.

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The mixer crusher is equipped with a fully automatic electric scraper conveyor, a forced feeder, a screw conveyor TDSQY series screw conveyor TDSQ/T101 butterfly valve, a bucket elevator SCY series dual shaft high-efficiency mixer SZLH508, a high-end livestock and poultry type ring mold granulator SZLH508, a high-end aquatic type ring mold granulator SZLH320, a livestock and poultry type ring mold granulator SWFL series, a vertical shaft micro crusher

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