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The roller shell industry needs policy support, and the establishment of an industrialization system needs to be accelerated

Jul. 31, 2023

The roller shell industry needs policy support to establish an industrialization system, and multiple engineering specifications and parameters need to be completed to accelerate and upgrade the technical content. Its development prospects are greater than 1 billion tons.

● System feeding system: The wheel sliding bearing integrates multiple molds, with excellent hardness and uniform operating procedures, reducing the conveying volume and ensuring transmission accuracy.

The circulating oil circuit of the particle transmission system adopts a quick release clamp type ring mold, which increases the output by about 20% compared to the belt transmission type.

The ring mold and pressure roller are forged and precision machined with alloy steel, with a carburized layer of up to 2mm, which increases the wear resistance by nearly ten times compared to ordinary heat treatment processes and can maximize production cost savings.

Under the same compression ratio, the company's production efficiency has been improved, while also expanding the production efficiency of the ring mold.

The compression ratio of the sawdust particle machine is not installed properly, and the pre-treatment plan of the sawdust particle machine has been implemented. Without a new compression ratio, these sawdust particles will be very poor, and many new opportunities will be used. Therefore, as long as the manufacturer responds in a timely manner, it is very important to ensure the differences in each mold hole stage.

● After the primary mold hole of the granulator hardens, the annular mold of the granulator turns into particles on the inner surface, and then forms inner Circular motion in the mold hole. This process will be very serious, affecting the normal operation of particles. However, each mold hole is different, and some particles should be very serious. This is also related to the strength of particles, so we have certain maintenance for each mold hole in use. If there is a good adjustment method, It must be done, as it can cause great harm to those who do not make fake particles. So what about the particles produced by our particle machine? What is the method of adjustment?

Ruiqi Machinery promises to adhere to the use of high-quality steel and undergo multiple processing processes to provide customers with high-quality ring molds and rollers, and promises to equip all equipment with Siemens motors and SKF bearings.

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