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Wholesalers of high production standard ring dies

Jul. 27, 2023

Wholesalers of high production standard ring dies.

The company has decided to increase production and implement the manufacturing concept of hole shaped granulators to improve product quality, market safety, and reduce pollution, in order to meet its investment needs and provide customers with optimal solutions or supply and demand policies.

Send engineering and technical personnel to the customer's site for free to plan the site, design the granulation process and plan.

● Assign engineering and technical personnel for free to provide transportation and production equipment, formulas, and accessories services for relevant personnel or feed processing enterprises, and provide timely on-site measurement methods for them.

● Assign technical personnel for free, targeting lower capacity ring molds, production capacity deviation ring molds, low production capacity, and difficult to mesh granulation, and have targeted material testing and material testing.

Assign technical personnel for free, interested in the professional production line of biomass pellet machines, and discuss with our company's professional production equipment how to improve production efficiency.

What are biomass pellet machines? The feed produced by biomass pellet machines belongs to animal feed, but what is the processing of cat and dog food?

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The environment-friendly biomass pellet machine takes agricultural and forestry processing wastes such as sawdust, straw, rice husk, bark and other biomass as raw materials, and solidifies them into high-density Pellet fuel through pretreatment and processing. It is an ideal fuel to replace coal, natural gas, electricity and oil, which can save energy and reduce pollution emissions, and has good economic and social benefits. It is a clean and renewable energy source.

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Does the compression ratio of the ring mold refer to hardness? Is the thickness (T) coefficient of the biomass pellet machine ring mold more elastic than non-ferrous metals? The thickness of the biomass pellet machine ring mold can also be increased by the relative density of the pressure roller and the outer diameter of the ring mold, or by matching the density of the pressure roller and the ring mold, reducing the squeezing effect of the material in the mold. However, the density does not exceed the thickness of the pressure chamber, and it will produce the following effects, which can achieve the required compression ratio, reduce the storage rate of the mold, and increase energy consumption. These materials can be used in small quantities.

In today's increasingly scarce energy and deteriorating environment, biomass particles have become the source of coal, oil, and natural gas.

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