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How can we negotiate with a ring die customer like this without an order

Jul. 27, 2023

In this way, when negotiating with ring die customers, there can be no orders. The profit is made into bran like, waiting for dead costs, greatly reducing investment costs.

The VIV series vertical ring mold granulator is mainly suitable for granulating coarse fibers, such as wood chips, bamboo chips, palm, rice husks, straw, etc.

This series is mainly used to compress crushed biomass straw, forestry waste and other raw materials into particles, using a dedicated forced feeder to ensure the molding rate and uniformity of new particles.

The vertical ring mold granulator is a new generation of granulation equipment designed and developed by our company based on the advantages of domestic and foreign granulation equipment. It is mainly used for pressing pellet feed and can also be used for granulation and mixing biomass particles.

Our pelletizers are divided into flat mold pelletizers and ring mold pelletizers. Users can choose according to different needs to achieve feed pelletizers. Specifically, they can also be processed through edge lines, and there are many application fields.

When the ring mold granulator needs to be replaced, the original feed should be extruded with non corrosive oil to ensure smooth discharge during reuse and prevent corrosion of the mold holes of the ring mold granulator.

ring die

The Chengyi vertical ring mold granulator must be suitable for different compounding feed granulation equipment, and the ring mold gap of the ring mold granulator is very important.

The Chengyi vertical ring mold particle machine undergoes extrusion, high-temperature extrusion, mold dehairing, and fermentation of above particles. Since 2010, it has been our company's vertical ring mold particle machine series product, along with the feed granulator mold. After strength testing, the precision of granulating and forming particles is very high.

The Chengyi vertical ring mold granulator has different structural components. Due to the small mold hole, large particle feed, high particle and hardness, the ring mold is prone to fracture, resulting in low production. The ring mold generates a large centrifugal force through the gap between the pressure roller and the ring mold, which needs to pass through the pressure roller and the ring mold to evenly distribute the material and prevent particles from cooperating with the granulator, thus meeting the requirements for biomass particle granulation.

There is one type of pellet feed press, which is the main core work of the pelletizer. At present, the company mainly produces transmission gears within the ring mold, as well as feed for the granulator. The gear shaft is carburized and quenched, with stable transmission, low noise, and long service life.

Now, China's feed machinery industry will achieve good technology and continue to expand compression ratio in the new year, creating a broad market for the market. The resistance and damage to biomass particles will reduce production. According to these years, there have been many pelletizers parking in the Chinese market, but the most representative ones are still those feed processing machinery. Currently, there are about a few 250 ring mold pelletizers on the market, but those pelletizers are manually removed, resulting in easily loose particles.

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