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Summary of commonly used websites or tools in the ring die industry

Jul. 26, 2023

Summary of commonly used websites or tools in the ring die industry: heavy-duty ultra micro mirror creep bed machine, turning waste into treasure; Mechanical manufacturing parts, turning waste into treasure; According to computer design, various heat treatment projects, water drop hammer mill, full-automatic cooler, pulse dust remover, full-automatic packing scale and other auxiliary equipment, 560 granulator, the supply and demand of which are Pellet fuel equipment successfully tested in industry, such as coal, oil, natural gas, and ton consumption vacuum furnace.

Our company's main products include imported noise reduction particle machines from Japan, such as "Jiuding Ji", "Dingli Power Generation Technology 1:50", "Agricultural Fiber Production 1:15%", "Wood Chip Machine", "Wood Chip Granulator", "Crusher", "Cooler", "Pressure Roller Dryer", "Anti blocking Spiral Conveyor", "Double Disc Cooling Machine", and "Pressure Roller and Ring Mold".

The sawdust particle machine, as the name suggests, is used to process sawdust and can also produce high-quality sawdust particles. So why do we value this coarse fiber product? Below, let's analyze the vertical ring mold granulator or flat mold granulator for everyone: 1. When using a wood chip granulator, various crop straws such as corn, soybean meal, plant straw, rice husk, cottonseed husk, weeds, or various raw material powders and granular materials can also be used to produce high-quality granules. The characteristic of this granulator is that it is used for processing feed and pelletizing. 2. Its advantage lies in not only bringing convenience to us, but also creating high profits.

The working process of the ring mold granulator requires materials with a moisture content of 13%~17% to enter the quantitative conveyor from the storage bin. The appropriate material flow rate is obtained through the variable frequency speed control motor of the quantitative conveyor, and then enters the conditioner. Then, it enters the forced feeder and enters the compression chamber for granulation.

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Mix the materials evenly. When all the materials have been produced, what aspects can you check? We need to contact our team for unit measurement, multiple agricultural machinery extrusion machines, and professional farmers. Our company can decide on different specifications and molds based on the actual situation. We will discuss them in the future, hoping to be helpful to you.

● Material cleaning process. When the processing process is important, especially considering the comprehensive absorption of nutrients in the material, grasp the main raw materials including moisture, powder, and granular materials, as well as the classification of granular materials: feed particles, ring molds, granular materials: grain particles, grass, corn, straw, fruit residue, bagasse, palm, bean shell, coconut shell, palm silk, medicinal residue, and so on.

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