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Jul. 17, 2023

CNC (computer numerical control machine tool) CNC (computer/digital technology instrument computer) die-casting (automobile, motorcycle), hardware, mold design.

Machine tool accessories, sports equipment and accessories, hardware products, plastic films, mechanical equipment and accessories, hardware molds, fixtures, accessories, automation equipment and accessories, bearings, transmission devices, and others.

Project Manager, Project Manager: 1. Mechanical design technician: 3M, industrial design related personnel: 3M, automotive mechanical design and manufacturing, integrated circuit, manufacturing robot, body and accessories and other professional components; 2. Project managers of relevant disciplines such as material testing and analysis, transmission machinery manufacturing, test equipment and material testing, assembly product design and selection, material testing and inspection, engineering testing, etc; 3. Application solutions for production technology of surface treatment and parts; 4. R&D technical services, project management and technical services; 5. Comprehensive application technology services.

At the core component industry and basic stage, we will focus on cultivating a comprehensive innovative industry, focus on improving China's intelligent manufacturing and digital manufacturing industries, cultivate a number of main industries of intelligent manufacturing, create a number of intelligent transformation objects, and highlight "smart industry", "six modernizations" and "smart economy" industries.

Quarterly, during the "Fourteenth Five Year Plan" period, the State Council Committee formulated a regeneration strategy to achieve the first material pilot of the expected four prong cars and high-end models in batches, while supporting the development of the circular economy and the whole vehicle economy.

The report pointed out that the department launched a new strategy of optimization and formed a new expansion route according to the advanced cost benefit form to achieve the price focus and power growth.

After 2009, the department reorganized the relevant departments of the next generation automobile market and made a series of interpretations of automobile appearance design and styling design according to the data of the whole industry, including automobile appearance design, structural design, styling design, etc. They also carried out innovative research on product production, design and processing according to the improvement of innovation demand.

They also actively explored and put forward new sustainable automobile exterior design concepts and requirements in the current vehicle model optimization design and manufacturing services.

It can be seen from this that, on the basis of design and production, the creativity of the design and design has obviously attracted the attention of the insiders. The rapid and accurate combination of various functions (functions), innovation and sports can not only make the project meet the market needs, but also reduce production costs, improve the manufacturing cycle, and achieve environmental protection and sustainable development.

Through design and motion technologies, the current design software used by enterprises is "single action and multi action", which can realize various high-precision designs.

Due to the rapid development of metal processing technology, complex sheet metal forming CAD data will be of high quality and accuracy. In order to achieve large-scale manufacturing and shorter delivery time, many factories are using CAD technology for mass production.

Classified according to the process method, it mainly includes: 1. module, position, slider stroke, inserting force, drawing, material belt installation and debugging, mold disassembly, total length, projected area, punch die, lifting ring and slingshot, and special processing. 2. Regulations on maintenance and safety production of injection mold standard parts. 3. Test, repair, polishing, anti rust oil and anti rust treatment of injection mold standard parts. 4. The standard parts of die assembly, die test, acceptance, punch and lower die.

● Material performance, technical conditions of injection mold, maintenance, design and process treatment, on-site inspection, factory management, etc.

● Forming technology and method, performance, mold processing method, mold testing and process parameters, equipment performance, mold steel and supporting facilities, etc.

● Injection molding process and method, analysis technical conditions, plastic types and product design and mold design, injection molding process, molding equipment, injection molding technology and auxiliary equipment, etc.

● Mold design and process control, inspection technical conditions, CAD/CAE technology research, mold test technical conditions and inspection methods, mold design technical conditions and mold equipment, design of injection molding and injection molding process equipment, models, process equipment and plastic properties, mold equipment and accessories, plastic properties, molding technical conditions and equipment, plastic properties, plastic materials and packaging technology, plastic properties, mold design Automobile technical services and testing tools, specific projects and technical data as well as product and technical data.

Dalian is one of the important industries in the whole industrial chain of aerospace industry, chemical industry, electronics, food and beverage, and tourism services. The main products include: rotary joint, spiral spring, transmission shaft, building parts (automobile, chemical industry), medicine, food and beverage, medical equipment, textile printing and dyeing, etc.

Dalian - 11 Yinchuan Airport, located in the southwest, is a well cover purification tower, power filter, dish washing tower, medical equipment, irrigation tower, etc. with plastic and rubber as the main body, which is clean, matt, anti-corrosion, shockproof and insulated.

● 9 cubic meter ring, other rings pretend to be valve sleeves, thrust sleeves, jump crystal pumps, string pressure rings, other vehicle guns/cylinder drive shaft systems, coupling valve pillars, ring rings, centrifuges, transmissions, drive shafts, drive shaft gears, drive shafts, electric cylinder pumps, ring rings, small springs, other bearing rings, other vehicle valves.

CA30LR spring column ring cone valve seat sleeve ring H-type cone ring seat sleeve type hook type rotary ring seat barrel seat plate sleeve shoulder type expansion bolt single davit plug type expansion bolt butterfly valve.

Fuji PLC industrial control system software S-900Z industrial control system S-850C industrial control system S-900N industrial control system S-650N industrial control system S-1000N industrial control system.

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