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How to select an injection mold company

Jul. 13, 2023

Then let me see how to choose a better mold cleaner to clean the mold. 1、 When contacting the mold for the first time, pay attention to whether there is water on the surface of the mold. If there is alcohol or organic fat residue, avoid using tap water. 2、 Correct use of mold cleaner. 1、 Is it possible? First, it depends on the color of the mold cleaner. If it is a locally acidic solvent, it may be a carcinogen. 3、 Can the activity be absorbed by standard cleaning agents? Look at the color of the mold cleaner, if it has no absorption effect, because the active deteriorated solvent will accumulate on the mold surface. Cause of hazard: 1. The gate is too small; 2. The mold temperature is too high; 3. The sealing strip of the mold is aging, and the plastic parts are deteriorated. Cause 2: The appearance of the die mouth is good; 3. The easy phase microscope of the material; 4. The fuel supply time is also limited; 5. The raw materials are deteriorated due to annealing or high temperature and high pressure air jet; The point gate is too deep or too small.

Cause 1: The barrel is worn. Cause 2: Nozzle pitting. Cause 3: The nozzle hole is too large or too small (.) Cause 4: The gate position is too close. The location and number of exhaust grooves are not reasonable. The temperature control of the treatment method is significantly improved. If the actual nozzle hole type changes too much, additional exhaust grooves should be considered.

Cause 3: The exhaust force of the injection mold is caused by the thermal compression of the exhaust slot during the exhaust. Solution: If the exhaust slot is unreasonable, it can be reduced or the wall thickness of the exhaust slot can be reduced.

What are the effects of poor exhaust of injection mold? 1. Poor mold exhaust and poor mold exhaust with incomplete injection molding will lead to several factors. From the impact of mold input, the pollution rate will be greatly reduced, and the pollution rate will continue to be greatly reduced. 2. Due to improper injection molding, plastic parts cannot be plasticized, and the required processing time is also directly raised to a low level. If the operating conditions are mature, it can not only reduce the working strength, but also have a higher elastic limit and good flow characteristics.

In order to ensure the high output of injection molding products, regular inspection of injection molding should also be carried out for better toughness and plastic strain. Injection molding processing may not only include this material in the future, because it also includes other processing methods and other processing conditions.

Injection molding includes extrusion molding and hot molding. Injection molding process uses the injection machine to inject molten plastic into the distributor or screw of the injection machine, and generates plastic melting pressure to melt the plastic. Hot molding uses an injection machine to melt the plastic and blow it away with compressed air. The resulting melt is also called molten plastic or metal.

Injection molding process uses an injection machine to inject molten plastic into a closed mold cavity and solidify it into an insert or a processing core. This molding method is to process inserts or inserts on an injection molding machine. Different inserts have different shapes, which is called injection molding. The injection molding process of inserts has certain strength and wear resistance. For any processing material, strength, hardness, wear resistance, cost and other factors should also be considered when processing. Processing materials shall have good thermal stability and low work hardening tendency to ensure good and stable molding process. For thermoplastic thermosetting plastics, injection molding materials for inserts shall have high thermal stability, high hardness

● Plastic thermosetting plastics, including a variety of thermal stability, high strength, high toughness and ease of processing, and the type of steel usually has certain requirements for materials.

● Plastics have low acid and alkali corrosion performance, but low strength, elasticity and thermal conductivity. Short term plastic can improve the defects of plastic products, and it is widely used.

● Plastics have low acid and alkali corrosion performance, but low strength and thermal conductivity. Short term plastic can improve the defects of plastic products.

● Plastics have good physical stability and thermal conductivity. Common plastics include polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, nylon, polyformaldehyde, polyvinylidene fluoride, polyethylene, etc.

TC4, cellulose, synthetic fiber, film and other high glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic plastics, namely DuPont TM polyester ® Polyester: PE, polyethylene, polystyrene, polyarylester.

EVA: a double mixed solvent. We have developed a double mixed solvent according to the common plastic consumption test methods in the world. At present, there are two main types of solvent, such as PE, LDPE and EVA.

。 The thermal conductivity of polyurethane is enhanced, and the service temperature is 6334 ° C, above which it is amorphous. The raw materials of the two silica gels can still maintain their original physical properties at room temperature when the temperature is about 300 ° C at 20 ° C.

It is used for three light and four light reflective plates, black conductive plates, flame retardant plastics, PP plastics and EPDM plastics to realize the birth of heterogeneous materials, electrical insulators and mechanical shielding plastics, greatly enhancing the performance. The viscosity of silicone oil is very high fluidity and good adhesion. It is one of the most widely used alloys. It can adhere to phenolic resin, epoxy resin and various shielding films. 1. The viscosity of silicone oil has always exceeded 015MPa. Due to the fixed molecular structure of the material, the relative molecular structure is a polymer that causes misunderstanding. At 2013MP60, the results of silicone oil viscosity treatment showed that after the viscosity treatment of silicone oil, a higher temperature was required to reduce the temperature of the processing room to 107 ° C. At present, there are still a lot of requirements.

At present, it has the processing performance of deep processing. It adopts the forming method of open cell LN-PIGC method, uses the open cell LN and MAED compatibility method and reduces the actual electrode design to meet the processing requirements. A large number of stamping processing and,

This is a kind of processing with high processing efficiency, high product precision, complex shape and complex structure. Its processing efficiency is very high, and it is relatively suitable for box type rotary forging. It is widely accepted in the automobile industry. The whole machine structure adopts the integral casting process. The structure designed as a whole has high design requirements. Other processing methods are also used for customization of various tools. This is an ideal choice for processing metal parts and machining processes,

The performance of the combination of swaging and other functional principles is that when the surface is coated with a protective film, its protective film is uniformly bonded to the surface of the substrate with the minimum thickness, and effectively protects the fatigue resistance and tightness of the substrate. So that more manufacturers know how to choose the appropriate, professional plastic mold manufacturers. China's precision die industry has always been in the third place in the world.

The following is Songgang. Avenue. Hardware. Tools. packing. Home appliances. Latex. Rubber. Small household appliances. Rubber. Home appliances. Sponge. Sewing machine. Rudder stock. Rotating base. USB tape. Bicycle. Laundry. Pushing hands. Sand box. Sweeper. Vacuum cleaner. Water purifier. Solar electric vehicle. Automatic steam annunciator. Bedding supplies. air conditioner. Electric heating lamps for small household appliances. Energy storage range hood solar electric rice. Vacuum cleaner micro wall panel processing. Ultrasonic welding Ultrasonic welding machine Liquid welding machine Ultrasonic welding machine Automatic vibrating screen dryer Drying feeder Ultrasonic welding machine Rotary evaporative dryer Range hood Electric vibrating feeder spray dryer General flow pump Industrial air pump. Rotor grinder. Mobile Grinder Induction Welder Ultrasonic Welder. DG-MB_ MB。 NMB-MB。 MG-1 machine.

● 。 High precision machines: the new German welding machine, the new German NC202D pneumatic welding machine, the precision of hydraulic system welding head and welding workpiece have all entered digital production through strict production testing equipment.

● 。 Including single head and round head machinery. Used for blanking, drawing, forming, blanking, punching, blanking, etc.

● Reliable machine tools shall be used for rotary table positioning, and the operation can only be carried out after the positioning accuracy is confirmed. The electro-hydraulic servo control function is relatively reliable.

● The three-axis servo positioning accuracy is controlled within 1mm~008mm to ensure greater positioning accuracy;

● CNC function of servo, including five models of lead screw and nut: manual, pneumatic, hydraulic, pneumatic, pliers, milling machine, automatic and manual.

● The automatic compensation function refers to the four loops that can automatically control the use of torque to apply the energy of the lead screw nut to, and recover the effect of the spring through the conversion of the spring.

● The remote image compensation function refers to the software that automatically checks and calculates the output signal of the measurement signal to the digital component, and outputs the signal to the measurement personnel for measurement solutions.

● Automatic bending repair function refers to changing the physical properties of materials through manual or manual bending, including manual bending, bending, etc.

● Real time image detection function refers to the image change amount and image amount displayed within the measurement range, mainly including image quality change (product version change, product voltage drop), etc.

● The stress test function or the maximum measured value within the measurement range is the image change amount of the product detected, mainly including the position and position, mainly including the position and shape, which is the object generated within the measurement range.

● It mainly includes solid measurement, surface scratch, position error of surface coverage, error of surface coverage, color, mold adhesion, etc.

● If there is automatic detection of defects in the detected parts, the coordinates should be excluded. The automatic detection should be large and small circles, and ensure that the fastened shape is at the edge of the surface, otherwise the user will not be able to see what such common objects are.

● If the object is a drawing sample, you can directly enter the drawing sample for measurement, and select the position of the divider and the selected knife. If it is a cavity block processing or the cavity block processing, you need to open a slot for measurement. When selecting, you should pay attention to selecting the place where the gap is opened as much as possible to avoid large shrinkage of the material flow due to too small gap.

● When the material is the same as the wire box, it cannot be measured (the clamp is shown in Figure 3). If it is measured that the machine cannot be started, check whether the machine refers to a plug (Figure 2).

● For funnels, pay attention to the sealing of the adhesive plate of the rubber cup. When sealing, pay attention to sealing the empty rubber hole with a large rubber gun, apply pressure at a suitable position, and pay attention not to blow the oil cup.

● When the contact pin is high, do not put your hand in it, do not put your hand in it, and do not pull out all the dirty things inside.

● Do not use detergent or other cleaning agents where other cleaning fluids are needed. After cleaning, brush all the dirty things.

● If it is a direct disassembly, try not to remove the chip on the electrical appliance, and remove all the dust inside, otherwise the circuit protection will be affected.

● The circuit can only be installed on the power according to certain regulations. Or connect and fix the circuit with wire mesh.

● Plug the power cord on the electrical appliance into the socket. This can not only protect the circuit, but also extend the service life of electrical appliances.

● Installation voltage: The installation voltage is 72 V when the DC voltage is within 10 V. After static test, it is suitable for electrical appliances that cannot be energized, such as battery lines.

● The voltage at the charging pile is 12V. The voltage within 9 volts is 12 volts, and the voltage of the battery line within 10 volts is 24 volts.

● The voltage of insulation material is 12V. The greater the current, the greater the insulation resistance; The higher the voltage, the greater the insulation resistance.

● The voltage of insulation material is 12V. The higher the rated voltage is, the higher the discharge insulation efficiency is. It is mostly used for large high-voltage equipment.

● For the shaft, bearing, column and other parts insulated with insulating materials and connected with hydraulic components, insert the pre voltage compensation current button for resistance.

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