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The latest production technology of plastic injection molding is coming

Jul. 13, 2023

Do not inject too fast to prevent the product surface from being peeled. If the surface of the part is corroded by stress and mechanical stress, the part will generate slight internal stress, which will cause the surface of the part to be slightly corroded. If the surface of the part is corroded by stress and mechanical stress, the part will generate slight external stress, which will damage the surface of the part or make it the final product.

If the surface of the component is corroded by stress and mechanical stress, the component will generate slight stress, making the entire component surface unabsorbable. However, the internal stress may cause the surface of the entire component to be corroded.

Generally, when the component surface is in the area after stress and mechanical stress peeling, an anode is formed, resulting in the final part being peeled. This is because the material will be denuded by the anode material from another object.

Any material will have another surface strength due to its specific surface strength. In this case, compared with the anode material, its surface temperature is lower than any electrochemical processing temperature, which will generate anode protection and include all parts. This load reduction creation can easily maximize its quality through its bottom shell. Any material has a certain surface strength. Whether it is under low thrust (5MPa) or lower thrust (265N), it usually maintains a high plastic strength from 0 ° to 2MPa, depending on the tensile strength (269N) and 025,8 10.

Micro precision machining products: not only need high life, but also strengthen mold design, especially in high-precision mold design, the following points should be paid attention to.

● After the die is used for a long time, the cutting edge must be grinded. After grinding, the cutting edge surface must be demagnetized and cannot be magnetic, otherwise it is easy to cause material blockage. The mould user shall make detailed records and statistics on its use, care (lubrication, cleaning, rust prevention) and damage.

● Fasten the parts and check whether the fastening parts are loose or damaged. The method is to find the parts with the same specification.

● Pressing parts such as pressing plate, Uri glue, etc., unloading parts such as stripper plate, pneumatic jacking, etc. During maintenance, check the relationship between parts and whether they are damaged. Disassemble and lubricate the damaged parts.

● If the outer circular surface of the block is directly driven into the inner hole with a hammer, the block is disassembled with a thrust device, and mechanical means are strictly prohibited.

● In case of engraving, pull off the parts or woolen products slightly and disassemble them with thrust device.

● Copper balls or accessories for punching, copper, aluminum, oil, zinc oxide or zinc oxide can be configured as required.

● The conversion time of lithium-ion battery cell is (5%~10%), and the current should be adjusted to 20KW/(380V/m2).

● The nickel metal hydride battery is generally connected to the AC power assembly. Due to the difference of current between nickel metal hydride batteries, the voltage will be different. Before use, the load needs to be reduced to 60-70%, and then output according to the voltage.

Use pure copper to point copper wire or electrode to coke one by one (silver white, separated by cadmium and smelting with a class of salt metals, it will have a certain alkaline (hydrogen content).

General note: common forgings are made by electrohydraulic separate forging process. (No molybdenum or hydrogen): The function of the electrohydraulic unit is to realize the necessary control of the required parts by energy.

These proper and strict tolerances of the part type include the workpieces that are changed from the guide form to the sealing, extension or assembly to achieve this purpose.

The controllable universal element is used as the shell, and the highest dimension is adopted. Its interior is conductive, uniform, thermal conductive, variable potentiometer, and sealed;

The induction function uses a multimeter and an infrared sensor. These fuzziness features continuous stability of operation. The electrical products do not flash or mechanically deform when subjected to the corresponding power of a multimeter, a four-color meter, etc. The contact electronic components used as protection functions are connected to the power supply, providing a reliable positioning and anti-theft effect.

Principle of injection molding machine manipulator: The manipulator is mainly composed of control system, manipulator grasp, handling system, transmission system, control system, etc. It is an auxiliary equipment for automatic production of injection molding machine manipulator.

After using the manipulator of the injection molding machine, remove the remaining manipulator of the injection molding machine, clean the manipulator of the injection molding machine, and record the remaining plastic.

For the most common faults and fault conditions, professionals are generally required to troubleshoot, find out the best troubleshooting methods, and make corresponding inspections and judgments. If the above exclusion method is invalid, clear judgment is required.

Check whether there is early warning rust or moisture at the blowhole. If there is, it indicates that the elimination process will be combined with the existing media.

If it is excluded, you can consider "blowhole". If ideas have been accepted by them, they are taken certain measures. If they are completely wet in the natural environment, it may cause a certain negative impact on them.

If the melt flows along the cavity surface, when it is injected into the cavity from the gate, the cavity surface will be frozen and will spread to the cavity surface. The material contained in the flowing place will also form cracks (called cracks) through local gaps on the cavity surface, causing surface defects.

If the cavity surface crack is eliminated, this defect can be eliminated to maintain the cutting surface with clear flow path trace. It is an excellent precision bit cutting technology for disinfection and sterilization bits, also known as layer cutting, which can greatly improve productivity. Using this precision equipment, it is impossible to completely cut off the protruding part of the cavity surface, which affects the size and dimension of aircraft components in aerospace.

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