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Why plastic injection molding is so different

Jul. 13, 2023

If the relative density of plastic injection parts is small, it can be directly replaced by some inserts or products with internal defects. For example, local profiles in the plastic cylinder may lead to different shapes of products, and excessive wall thickness will reduce the strength of the head; The problem of internal stress is that the wall thickness varies greatly. The wall thickness will increase the accuracy of the size of the injection molded parts, increase the possibility of the head burring, and the main deflection angle perpendicular to the wall thickness during forming will also increase the plastic wall thickness during forming. When the plastic in the cavity of the forming cap cylinder is less than 2mm, in addition to the burr caused by the inner wall thickness, it is likely that the uneven wall thickness or burr caused by improper operation.

Note that the above three methods are reasonable to avoid burrs on the plastic surface of the injection mold. If lubricating oil is used to lubricate the mold, especially before use, the burr on the surface of the injection mold should also be removed by carrying out sufficient cleaning agent, so as to prevent the burr on the product surface of the injection mold from being too low.

Experienced engineers will make it easier for your clients to explain and explain to you, otherwise they will also be interrupted. So people will use the most correct way to prevent wrong programs, until we finally understand what stage you explain your program is, until we finally know the materials you use.

Be able to deal with such experience and imitate some factors, but it is better to deal with the quality of the results. Whether your ideas have good functions or methods. Compared with your methods and methods, we hope these methods provide some correct functions for your products.

No, we can effectively solve the problems of design or procurement, or the way of being done by some details, and you can play a good role in this aspect.

The reason is very obvious. In this era, our products also support the selection of materials.

We will consider the use of metal stamping equipment, and our stamping engineers need more familiar professional knowledge before stamping. This is the reason why you can provide high-quality service to Dongguan Stamping Factory.

Because the current aluminum alloy profile business in Dongguan has been improved, we believe that we can find the reasons for the long-term cooperation of several aluminum alloy profile companies in Dongguan.

Because people will be very busy in the future, in order to do this well, we must find a Dongguan stamping processing factory. Dongguan precision machining factory is committed to becoming the best precision machine parts processing factory.

Do you know Dongguan precision parts processing factory? Now Xiaoshuo will take you to have a simple understanding and see what Xiaoshuo will have in Dongguan precision parts processing manufacturers? Everyone who knows Dongguan precision parts processing manufacturers knows that Dongguan precision parts processing manufacturers are called precision processing for precision parts processing and manufacturing processes in the industry. The core needs of precision processing for manufacturers are very high, so you must know Dongguan precision parts processing manufacturers.

Precision machining is a process of changing the overall dimension or performance of a workpiece with a processing machine. According to the temperature state of the workpiece being processed, it can be divided into two processes: cold processing and hot processing.

In general cnc precision machining, it is necessary to know the material hardness, hardness size and other physical properties of the parts in order to better select the appropriate tool materials. What are the methods of metal cutting? Generally, the hard tool is used as the processing object, and the precision of the parts obtained can be less than 001MM.

The tool life in precision machining is often ignored. The technical requirements of the processing technology are: size, material thickness, surface quality requirements, and materials, structures and technical conditions of the expected cutting tools;

However, how to maintain the quality and accuracy of cutting tools to the maximum. In the manufacturing industry, stamping plants often put speed and quality first.

Does the potential development of high speed machining and composites affect the quality and life of tools? It must be analyzed from the function of the part.

Can the relationship between production speed and raw material quality change its production efficiency? How to improve production efficiency? To improve the production efficiency of enterprises? In order to provide your stamping products and services, the stamping factory will also study the mixed manufacturing technology of stamping and turning.

Through our experience in the sheet metal processing industry, we can help you find the stamping products that are suitable for you, improve the competitiveness, and gain more advantages in the market compared with competitors.

In order to effectively eliminate the possibility of old rust in the industry, the stamping parts processing manufacturers enable us to deal with it more quickly. They have products such as aluminum pieces, aluminum sheets, aluminum tubes, copper pieces, and flat squares or metal pieces.

Manufacturing enterprises need to improve efficiency, reduce labor intensity, optimize production processes, reduce workshop capacity, increase production efficiency and reduce brain drain.

At present, the production and processing equipment for stamping parts include lathes, grinders, milling machines, wire cutting, etc. A lathe is a machine tool that mainly uses turning tools to turn rotating workpieces. A lathe is a machine tool that mainly uses turning tools to turn rotating workpieces. The grinder can be divided into hammer, plate, belt clamp and spindle motor.

Lathe stamping parts are mainly formed by stamping metal or non-metallic sheets with the help of the pressure of the press and through the stamping die. They mainly have the following characteristics.

First of all, stamping parts are manufactured by stamping under the premise of small material consumption. It is thin, uniform, light and strong. It can obtain certain shape, size and performance parts (such as sheet metal) through plastic deformation or separation of sheet metal, which are all stamping process equipment and dies of stamping die.

Secondly, the stamping parts have high dimensional accuracy, uniform size with the module, and good interchangeability. Thin materials can also be treated by surface treatment, such as nickel plating (electrolytic copper), nickel plating (electrolytic polishing), galvanization, and nickel plating (electrolytic high-voltage switch). The grain size of galvanizing depth shall be controlled between 0015~0015mm.

The composite method is to use special tool technology to fix the raw materials on the mold base, and make a workpiece by milling or grinding, which is called the composite process.

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