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How to Select Plastic Mold with Good Quality

Jun. 25, 2023

Now more and more established manufacturers begin to develop efficient plastic injection molding machines, which is due to the high speed, high efficiency and long life of plastic injection molding machines in China. With the rapid development of plastic machines in China, the number of injection molding products increases with the increase of cycle.

● It is helpful for qualified personnel to accurately adjust and calculate the pressure, temperature, humidity, mechanical properties and other parameters of the product.

● The plastic model is conducive to fully understanding the performance of various structures on the basis of non hydraulic systems, such as reasonable design of each link of heating and cooling.

● The plastic model is conducive to the high automation level of machine barrel and molding machine equipment, and improves labor productivity.

● Plastic models are conducive to mechanized and automatic production, and can be used to crush and clean waste plastic products in various ways.

● The plastic model is conducive to drying, and there is no corrosion during drying. Waste can be dried through the barrel.

● Plastic models shall be briefly classified and managed for classified cleaning, granule and powder. It is conducive to scientific application, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and intelligent classified recycling, so as to increase the proportion of green products and accelerate the competitiveness of enterprises.

● The installation and commissioning of automation equipment shall be realized according to the system integration. The periphery of all plastic barrels shall be shifted and disassembled in special facilities that provide different types of sealing materials to realize the cleaning and scrapping of the factory.

● It is made of composite I-beam, with solid structure, good sealing performance, convenient maintenance and beautiful appearance.

● Improve the use performance of plastics through injection molding, forging and other methods, effectively reduce production costs, and finally achieve zero treatment of plastic products.

● Thermosetting plastic is a new type of unsaturated polyester plastic with "function key", while thermosetting plastic refers to that the function key of thermoplastic plastic is made of polyethylene plastic. The thermosetting plastic molding process involves the use and control of units such as cartridges and containers. The forming process of thermosetting plastics requires attaching one or more layers of wax to the surface equivalent to plastic materials, and then machining with appropriate elastic cutting. Thermoplastics and rubber have higher strength and toughness, while thermosetting plastics have higher rigidity and toughness.

● Mixed recycling of plastics and fibers, which can be heated to the components of plastics, polymers, rubber and other polymers or polymer materials.

● Reinforcing materials (mainly including nylon, polyoxymethylene, Peek, nylon), polyethylene, polycarbonate, thermoplastic resin, polyphenylene ether, polyester, engineering plastics, etc.

● Metal processing materials (mainly including aluminum, magnesium, titanium, gold, silver, nickel, bronze, etc.), non-metallic materials and some non-metallic materials.

● Die cutting tools (such as planing die, wire drawing die, cutting die, etc.), optical products (such as optical prints, hardware tools, optical copiers, etc.), electronic tools (such as CD players, cameras, projectors, disc blades, decorations, etc.), precision ceramic materials, rare earth element materials, etc;

● Various printing ceramic and aluminum alloy panel printing, semiconductor and film materials, electronic components, electronic means, manual printing, laser printing, packaging printing, etc;

● Raw materials are made of ceramics. High quality materials (glass, ceramics, rubber, electronic materials), ultra-high ceramic materials, ceramic materials have high wear resistance and wear resistance. Composite materials and molds with excellent process performance, such as casting blanks, forgings, cutting processing, have high utilization rate of materials and are suitable for repair, casting and extrusion.

● All laser cutting can achieve the three-dimensional design and surface treatment of plates and profiles with low cost and high quality.

● The laser cutting speed is fast, and the high-quality modeling and low cost completely replace the traditional metal processing;

● The laser cutting process is fine, flexible and powerful, and can obtain various shapes, sizes and performances;

● Fast cutting speed, plate extrusion speed can reach 200mm/s, 2-3/h faster than metal cutting, and better matching processing accuracy than water grinder and abrasive tools;

● Stamping dies required for automobile body manufacturing, including sheet metal (sheet metal), grinding wheel and forming tools, are generally metal dies used to manufacture automobiles.

● There are many types of parts required for sheet metal die making, and most of them are in very bad working conditions. Some often accept large impact loads, which can reduce the strength of die materials even if they are compressed or under high pressure;

● The hardness of the materials made of the sheet metal die is relatively high, and the bending strength is very poor. Some of them often receive large impact loads, which causes huge internal stress in the die materials, causing damage to the die parts.

The processing technology of precision die parts is poor. The precision die must be ground, electric machining and other processing processes to make the surface of the die parts meet the dimensional tolerance range specified in the design drawings. The improper control of the heat treatment process leads to the scrapping of the parts.

In order to reduce the cost of the mold, the precision mold processing designer should try to coat the working surface of the precision mold with corrosion resistant chrome plating, especially the surface hardness should be within the allowable range.

The precision machining of precision mould has extremely high strength, high wear resistance, high toughness and corrosion resistance for the mould.

During die design, the CAD drawings are modified repeatedly to avoid secondary processing of die steel punches, punching dies, cutting, etc., which will reduce the life of the die.

If the test is repeated once, the wall thickness will be destroyed. If it is sheared for several times, the material at the bottom begins to melt and form a powder coating. The channel where the powder coating is bonded to the mold to form a channel should be a very narrow channel.

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